Sunday School – February 13, 2011

Affirmation: The upward call of God draws me into the place of surrender, where I yield my being into His hands.

What a paradox to see the Church filled with great numbers of champion disputants who defend a set of opinions, doctrines, and practices, all of which may be most cordially embraced without demanding the least degree of self-denial, and most firmly held fast with bestowing the least degree of humility! – William Law

“This cup which is poured out for you is the new covenant in my blood.” – Luke 22:20

Jesus betrothed His Church unto Himself in a covenant of blood. At the Lord’s table we celebrate our betrothal. We are joined to the Lord in holy matrimony. – T. Austin-Sparks

God will agree with your vision while He is diminishing your resources. He will say, “Yes, that is the vision – reach for the impossible, Dare to do the unimaginable!” even as He carefully removes or neutralizes all of the natural strengths, resources, gifts and abilities you’ve come to count on. – Tommy Tenney

Every revelation of God is a demand, and the way to knowledge of God is by obedience. – William Temple

Affirmation: As I listen to Him, I ascend higher to the dwelling place of love.B

arrenness in any area is our invitation to excel. The God who hides things for us also gives us His Kingdom as our inheritance. All is covered by the redemptive work on the Cross, but it is gained little by little, sometimes through our co-laboring effort. – Bill Johnson

No one will attain his goal or destiny until he becomes free. The free man would rather perish in the wilderness trying to fulfill his destiny than go back to slavery. Until we make the decision that we will not go back, we will not go forward. – Rick Joyner

“No one, who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the kingdom of God.”
(Luke 9:62)

A lack of commitment in prayer is the sure sign of a lack of depth and of intensity of desire; and the absence of intense desire is a sure sign of God’s absence from the heart! – E. M. Bounds

The strong hands of God twisted the crown of thorns into a crown of glory: and in such hands we are safe. – Charles Williams

Affirmation: I believe God said what He meant and I believe God meant what he said. I’m only moved by the Word of God.

Journaling will help you mature in your prophetic gift. Write out what you believe the Lord is saying and then verify it by studying out the Scriptures. Look back over your journal and meditate on what the Lord has revealed to you. – Patricia King

You need to boldly confess the Word of God that covers your case every day. If you’ll say it with victory and with love, it won’t be long, maybe a few weeks until God will move for you and your family. – Norvel Hayes

“If you shall ask anything in my name I will do it.” – John 14:14

Now it is your turn to become the dread of demons and a Holy Ghost special effect. Are you ready? Are you serious, or do you still need to take one more lap around a mediocre life? – Mario Murillo

If Jesus isn’t the Lord of your life someone else will be. – Donald Coggan

Albert Finch

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My passion is to equip the Body of Christ for discipleship. I have a world-wide "Daily Meditations" e-mail ministry and a website at: that I use to raise the conscious- ness of the body of Christ as to their duty to disciple and equip other believers.
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