Sunday School – June 5, 2011

Affirmation: When my faith is challenged I fight the good fight of faith. I stay on course until the fight is finished.

What has imprisoned you from unleashing your God-given dreams? Only through forgiveness of offenses can we receive the faith to overcome barriers and move into a miracle-filled life. – Steve Munsey

Jesus waits for us to say what He is. Preach Him as the Savior and He saves. If you don’t, He can’t! Preach Him as a healer and He Heals. If you don’t, He doesn’t! Preach the gospel, and the gospel happens. – Reinhard Bonnke

“So then faith comes by what is heard, and what is heard comes by the preaching of Christ.” – Romans 10:17

Eventually you may come to a place where you find yourself unable to go on with an intelligent prayer life — you will begin to desire to lay aside such prayer. This inclination to lay aside a more outward prayer is the natural end of seeking, and hungering for something deeper. – Michael Molinos

When I feel how imperfect my prayer is, I may bow before God in the confidence that His Holy Spirit will teach me to pray. – Andrew Murray

Affirmation: I come into agreement with the Father to release me into the things He has predestined me for since before the beginning of the world.

If a person’s identity is wrapped up in world pursuits (even noble ones), it will be easy to give in to a lesser love than God. Compromise occurs when we substitute God’s offer with a less satisfying earthly role, lifestyle, or relationship. Substituting a person for God can be spiritually costly. – Shawn Bolz

Quietness is the incubator for the Spirit of revelation. Do you want to hear God better? Do you want to commune with Him more? Silence is golden indeed in which the Holy Spirit meets with the souls of his saints. – James Goll

“He leadeth me beside the still waters.” – Psalm 23:2

When the supreme desire of your heart goes out to God, and all the spiritual energy of your nature and the powers of God come to you, there comes by the unconscious creative exercise of faith into being that which your soul calls for. Pray that you may become hungry. – John Lake

I wonder whether God could make us understand all that happened there at the cross. – A. W. Tozer

Affirmation: The deep things of God are revealed to me by His Spirit.

The question is, how much intimacy do we want? Just how passionate for Jesus do we want to be? We are the ones who set those limits,not God. – Mike Bickle
God wants you right now, in whatever area you are barren, to start rejoicing as if the fruit or yield you want to see has already come. He wants you to start thinking, speaking, and acting as if the barrenness is no more. – Joseph Prince

“Rejoice, O barren, you who do not bear! Break forth and shout, you who are not in labor….” – Galatians 4:27

To hear from God is living with expectation toward Him. Expectation places a demand on the Holy Spirit. – Steve Sampson

Jesus, help me rejoice with others in the body, and comfort others when they suffer. Amen. – William J. Seymour (January 1907)

Albert Finch

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My passion is to equip the Body of Christ for discipleship. I have a world-wide "Daily Meditations" e-mail ministry and a website at: that I use to raise the conscious- ness of the body of Christ as to their duty to disciple and equip other believers.
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