Sunday School – May 13, 2012

Affirmation: No matter how things look, If I’m speaking the word of God in Faith, – I don’t quit! I stay in faith and God will manifest His glory in my situation.

Remain at rest in Christ’s finished work, and He will turn your evil day into days of rejoicing and feasting! – Joseph Prince

God wants to resurrect things that have died in you. You may think that your window of occasion is past the time that anything good can happen, but remember we serve the God of the resurrection. – Sean Smith

“Jesus said to her, ‘I am the resurrection and the life…..” – John 11:25

We are to be continually taking ground for the Kingdom of God as we position ourselves in the place that He has called us to. As we continually experience His person our eyes are opened to see from His heavenly perspective. – John Belt

If we choose not to heed the leading of the Spirit and become proactive in renewing our minds, it is possible that we will limit God’s power and anointing from flowing through our lives because of un-renewed thinking patterns that we are still embracing. – Ivan Roman

Affirmation: I find the Word of God that applies to my stronghold and saturate myself in it by affirming it frequently and meditating on it as I go throughout the day. I thank God that the stronghold has been demolished and cast down any wrong thoughts.

If you think Jesus won’t heal you, you’re wrong. He’ll do anything scriptural for you. – Norvel Hayes

One way to strengthen your ability to receive God thoughts is to sit down with a journal and Bible and the ask the Lord (“inquiring of the Lord”) questions, believing for an answer. – Patricia King

“That I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the Lord, and to inquire in his temple.” – Psalm 27:4

We are no longer capable of the greatest service of listening that God has committed to us, that of hearing our brother’s confession, since we refuse to give ear to our brother on lesser subjects. We should listen with the ears of God that we may speak the words of God. – Dietrich Bonhoeffer

There are many things that you can know about that are of little or no use to the soul, and a person is exceedingly foolish who reaches for anything that does not lead toward salvation. – Thomas a Kempis

Affirmation: New faith and hope are growing in me daily.

Are you tired of going around the same old mountain hoping to get to the top, but the obstacles hold you back? It is time to shake off the old and get ready for the new and for receiving the workings of Christ in you, for new beginnings – for the rich oil of His anointing. – Keith Miller

You have the potential to believe impossibilities into possibilities. – Myles Munroe

“Everything is possible for him who believes.” – Mark 9:23

We, as believers, have legal access to the realm of God’s mysteries. (Mat.13:11). The hidden things are placed in waiting for the believer to discover. They are ours by inheritance. – Bill Johnson

Trying to protect our self-image probably keeps us from seeing more of the power and glory of God than anything else. – Rick Joyner

Albert Finch

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