Sunday School – August 5, 2012

Affirmation: I see beyond my eyes and live for the unseen. My future is not ahead of me – it lies within me.

True servanthood is doing all that you can to help others achieve their calling and destiny in life. – Paul Keith Davis

We all have to find our niche in life, and spiritually we find it when we receive our ministry from the Lord. Joy means the perfect fulfillment of that for which we were created and regenerated (our destiny). – Oswald Chambers

“…so that I might finish my course with joy, and the ministry, which I have received of the Lord Jesus.” – Acts 20:24

Ask God to live His life in you, and to do for you all that you cannot do yourself. He will certainly finish the work that He started in you. – Francois Fenelon

Affirmation: I don’t let up in prayer until I have the assurance in my spirit that every barrier is broken and ever area of bondage has been abolished.What are you looking for from God when you pray? – Myles Munroe

We can easily become so involved in the “work of the Lord” that we overlook the “Lord of the work.” Our priority each morning at prayer time should be to minister unto our Lord. Sing to Him, brag on Him and read the Word back to Him. – Alice Smith

“I will bless the Lord at all times.” – Psalm 34:1

How many minutes today can we turn into holy communion? – Richard Foster

It is easy to live superficially and never to take the risk of diving into the depths and facing the terrors of the deep. The result is we are unable to reach out to God – because God is deep. – Anthony Bloom

Affirmation: I do not depend on what I can do, but on what the Spirit of the Lord will do through my situation.

If we do not allow God to move us from glory to glory, we will get caught up in living in an old season. As the Holy Spirit moves us, the methodology of an old season will not propel us into the future. We need something new and fresh. We need a new glory. – Chuck Pierce

Acts 19:15 And the evil spirit answered and said, “Jesus I know, and Paul I know; but who are you?”

We want to be a threat to the powers of darkness. We represent the King of the Kingdom of Light. We should carry the light of healing, glory and authority of the King that makes evil nervous. The purpose of the Son of God was to destroy the works of the devil. Our job description is the same. There should be times of confrontation against darkness. If we could see in the spirit realm, we could see the need for light to shine through us. The power of the Holy Spirit destroys the curse of darkness. – John Belt

By limiting in our minds that work which we think God is doing or can do today, we despise His real work, and thereby resist and blaspheme the Holy Spirit, and thus commit the unpardonable sin. – William Law
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