In Joshua’s day, before crossing the Jordan River and moving into their inheritance, God said to the people, “Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you” (Joshua 3:5).
This is an exhortation for us today!


The word consecrate, in Hebrew, is actually a relational term. “Qadash” means to separate or set yourself apart unto God. God’s heart isn’t, “Clean up your act so I can restore and bless you.” He says instead, “Come to Me so I can bless you.” BIG DIFFERENCE! His love is free, not earned.

“Qadash”(set apart to Him), is actually the root word for holy (qodesh). Being “holy” isn’t the result of or defined as “being good enough?”
Rather it is the nature (qodesh) we receive from our union with Him (qadash), which motivates us to good works and a refusal to sin. We must be careful, then, that when we set out to prepare ourselves for a move of God’s Spirit, we do not move into a legalistic works mentality, trying to accomplish separation and holiness in our own abilities; rather, we draw near to God in relationship.

There is another word in Scripture that also means separation, which we often confuse with consecration and holiness.
“Nazir”, from which we get the word Nazarite, means to be separate from. Nazir implies that we are separating ourselves away from something, as in sin, or the Nazarite vow of separation from certain activities. Qadash implies that we are separating ourselves unto, or drawing near to God. And this is where we must always start in our walk with Him.

Samson was a Nazarite and lived a life separated from certain things. There is never any indication in Scripture, however, that he was separated unto, or walking closely with God. When Delilah entered the picture, since Samson was attempting holiness in his own strength, not by drawing near to the Lord, He did not have the strength to resist temptation.

The Lord desires to raise up men and women of prayer and radical devotion through which He can release a greater “Great Awakening” and shift the course of nations today. To be a part of this, however, we must be willing to comply with what God requires of us: Prepare ourselves through drawing near.


The Lord is inviting you to enter into a season where you separate yourself unto Him in an extra special way:
1. Take time to inquire of the Lord as to what this means for you.
2. Things will shift if you increase your devotion time from 15 to 30 minutes each day.
3. Doors will open if you fast one lunch per week to spend that time with the Lord.
4. You will experience breakthrough if you put on some worship music and commune with the Lord as you go about your daily chores.
5. For 15 minutes a day, invite Him to walk with you around your backyard or sit beside you on your porch.

If you rearrange your busy schedule over the next few weeks to pray and fast and spend more time in worship and the Word, your life will radically change. No matter what level of relationship you currently enjoy with the Lord, He wants to transform you into a more passionate and zealous Believer. As you draw into His depths, His cleansing stream will prepare you to advance in His PURPOSE for your life.



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